Our menu was developed by Kohei Matsuyama & Squid-Ti.

Menu current as of March 2, 2019.


CHICKEN TEBASAKI WINGS with spicy peanut, soy, and garlic dipping sauce, $7.50

SOFT-SHELL CRAB CROQUETTES with miso & a creamy yogurt & garlic tartar sauce, $14

 DUCK PASTRAMI WRAPS with miso-red wine dressing & cacao nibs, $9.50

 SASHIMI No. 3, $18: Smoked Maguro with Coriander-Mustard-Soy Oil; Smoked Salmon with Lemon-soy & Balsamic Vinegar; and Cured Seabass with Hot Pepper/Garlic Paste

 NEW WAVE NIGIRI SUSHI (3 pcs), $16: Beet-Cured Salmon with Kumquat-sake Purée; Cured Botan Ebi with Horseradish & White Wine; and Aburi Scallop with Black Sesame Sauce

CURED ANKIMO (foie gras of the sea) with pickled lotus root & plum gelatin, $12

NEW WAVE SALMON & KOMBU CURED DAIKON ROLL with wasabi tobiko + seaweed, $9.50

SMOKED TUNA TARTARE + BLACKENED EGGPLANT with an apple-caper sauce, $12

SMOKED SEABASS SASHIMI with figs, and a green olive, apple, and fennel sauce, $12

SHRIMP & VEGETABLE TEMPURA with New Wave avocado, mustard, and yogurt sauce, $8.50

BAKED LOBSTER & SHRIMP CANAPÉ on house-made nori noodles + melted parmesan cheese + Ikura, $12.50


SASHIMI No. 7, $45: (1) Cured Botan Ebi with Horseradish & white wine; (2) Smoked Maguro with Coriander-Mustard-Soy Oil; (3) Smoked Salmon with Lemon-soy & Balsamic Vinegar; (4) Smoked Hamachi with Sesame-Miso-Garlic Sauce; (5) Cured Scallops with Miso-Curry-Mustard-Yogurt Sauce; (6) Cured Seabass with Hot Pepper/Garlic Paste; and (7) Kombu-cured Hirame with Umeboshi-soy sauce.

STEAMED LOBSTER & SHRIMP ROLL with root vegetable scales + creamy miso sauce, $35

VEGAN TOFU ROLL + KOMBU/UMAMI BRAISED VEGGIES with house-made seaweed pasta tossed with our vegan cauliflower-miso sauce, $27


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