Our second floor, semi-modular seating arrangement #1: 30-seat banquet & booths.
Second Floor
Our second floor, semi-modular seating arrangement #2: 20-seat communal tables.

Do you have a special event, celebration, corporate event, or meeting coming up? The Shozan Room is the perfect place to host your event. Our second floor is great for large groups, and can comfortably accommodate groups of between 20-30 people.

What we offer:

  1. 30-seat banquet and booths & 20-seat communal tables
  2. Full service bar
  3. Special customized set menus, specifically tailored for your event and budget (we’ve done full course dinners, sushi plates, and sharing platters in the past)
  4. Two private washrooms on the same floor
  5. Preferred rates and benefits for weekday (Mon-Thurs) bookings
  6. 65″ television with cable and sound is available for use, at no extra cost
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Semi-Modular Seating Plans

Choose between two setups:

Floor Plan A: 20-Seat Communal Table Setup
Floor Plan B: 30-seat Banquet & Booth Setup

All prices and policies are subject to change without prior notice.